03 November 2010

i am an illusionist.

greeting from a very sad and miserable girl, who is me! i am back, just jumping on the front of laptop and force my self to post something, not that posting was unpleasant thing, but i have million things to do for my school. that's kinda sucks, right? this is also sucks because i have million things to tell you all.. i have the long list but i don't think i will be able to post all those until the end of the year. :'(
NOVEMBER is here just one month away from the most cheerful month DECEMBER. but let's celebrate November first.. while we can..
Ah, have i told you that i had a tumblr? nope? This tumblr is like my online gallert, if my laptop already overcapacity i post it in my tumblr. so this past few days i found many illustration with sweet sweet line, so here are some. enjoy it. (sorry for my bad english, barely thinking when writing it)
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  1. You have a tumblr? me too! I'll follow you right away :)