28 August 2010

Black Swan

Who's excited for Black Swan? i am! first time i heard about the movie i'm excited because i always waiting for another great film about ballet but then i heard Natalie Portman will be the star for the film as for that i'm beyond excited. The film is more dark than i thought but it looks real promising. And my friend who was join a ballet class also told me about a myths about the black swan, that in the ballet show when a girl picked to be a black swan some people believe that the girl can be very mean like the Odette in the real life. Believe it or not. So after heard the story i got very chilled and cannot wait to see the film.
I only like few of Natalie Portman movie but i adore her since forever. So here's the first poster and some official photos for Darren Aronofsky’s new film Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassel.

and here are some photos when the cast on the set in New York City
Sebastian Stan also play a part in this movie. Beyond beyond excited

Wynona Ryder also been said play a part in this film but maybe she haven't filming it yet. Let's hope we can see a little from her.
Since i haven't been able to post video so here i'm gonna give you the link for the trailers.
Black Swan - official trailer

26 August 2010

Swing your body with your swing skirt. 50's is back!

One of my subject in college is Trend analysis, we have to learn about Trend in fashion world. What's in and what's out. And from analyzing few sources gladly i want to make an announcement that 50s style is BACK to the fashion world. 
Louis Vuitton is the one who revealed it all in its fall/winter 2010 printed advertising.
The gorgeous images, shot by Steven Meisel in New York, feature three decades of stunning supermodels Christy Turlington, Karen Elson and Natalia Vodianova.
The great things about this advertising are : 
1. The models. Natalia Vodianova, i adore you
2. The swingy ponytails with a little curl on the end
3. The full flowing skirts
4. Old school dressing table.
 By the way for you high heels lover i got a bad news for you. FLAT is also BACK in this fascinating fashion world. YAY! (i am a flat shoes lover!)

22 August 2010

Give me the simple life - Steve Tyrell

I don't believe in frettin' and grievin';

Why mess around with strife?

I never was cut out to step and strut out.

Give me the simple life.

Some find it pleasant dining on pheasant.

Those things roll off my knife;

Just serve me tomatoes; and mashed potatoes;

Give me the simple life.


A cottage small is all I'm after,

Not one that's spacious and wide.

A house that rings with joy and laughter

And the ones you love inside.

Some like the high road, I like the low road,

Free from the care and strife.

Sounds corny and seedy, but yes, indeed-y;

Give me the simple life.

sweet discovery

another day to spend and while i have nothing to do in my house.. clicking here and there.. and there bam! i realized Claudia Schiffer is kinda looks like Briggite Bardot! Maybe that's why i love them both so much. Because Claudia Schiffer remembered me of Briggite Bardot, and Briggite Bardot remembered me of Claudia Schiffer. It's official i love big blonde long hair. xoxo

La Chanteur

The top supermodel
See the resemblance?

15 August 2010

simple day

i am having hard time these past few days. i am so sick of my self, my family, my house just everything.. And today is not getting better at all. But here i am tried to sweeten my day.. i haven't taken a bath until this moment, i am lazying around the house like a slob cat. But maybe with little style.. like..
1. listening to all the track of Rod Stewart's soulbook album.

2. Enjoying the rain a little bit. It crossed my mind to have my little girl moment, play in the rain

3. Googling Karlie Kloss another my model of the moment crush. 
i think she has the ageless beauty. She's always looks young and fresh. 

I love her since the first time i saw her in Teen Vogue. Her face is so suitable for Teen Vogue editorials
Little Manahattan
As the cover of Teen vogue
Her style is not so bad either..
She does love her Fendi bag so much!!!

 I love the combination Karlie Kloss and Frida Gustavsson