24 November 2009

14 November 2009

mini mini tiara

Bonjour! it's been long time since the last time i posted something.. oh i miss posting, it just i've been busy with my school. i'm in the middle of final exam now, so yea, study really took every hour of everyday this past week. but well study is numero 1 ! hehe
Now, let me do some real post! :D i just got these pictures from other website. here's photos from backstage CHANEL. i become obsessed with backstage it's like totally different world from the catwalk, everything just become natural and ordinary but with mini mini tiara.


03 November 2009

once again, may i present..... MISS DIOR CHERIE

still.. love it! Maryna Linchuk is still my favorite model.. 
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01 November 2009

we don't know what we will see..

TOTALLY AGREE MR DIOR! kiss from far away. MUAH!

Vintage Boutique : YUKIKO

Fell in love at the first sight to this Boutique. YUKIKO in Paris. I saw about this Boutique in Vintage Paris Couture ( i've done post about it before). Love everything about the boutique...


don't you love the mirror? i do! :D
what a lovely clutch. i wanna cry when saw this clutch.

love every single clothes in this boutique. i will do anything to be able to visit the boutique. hehe

Twenties Girl

they definitely know how to wear pearls. Pearls everywhere....
so classy.
you know sometimes i wish that i have time traveler and back to the 20's. My God. just love to be live in that time, or maybe in the time when Coco Chanel made Her first Boutique. I've been meaning to post something about 20's since i read Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. And now here it is... i'm sure gonna post more about 20's later.. :D

29 October 2009

glimpse of Halloween

i'm not a big fan of Halloween. And when it comes about costume.. my mind went blank.. i don't know what to wear.. i think 50% i'm not really into halloween because i don't have any costume and too lazy to think about it. but for you out there, maybe these runaway will gives you some inspirations.
Luella Fall 2008.

Vera Wang Princess

my favorite.. The Pirate Princess

BORN TO RULE.Camilla Belle as the face of Vera Wang Princess Perfume. i've seen these ads few years ago super like it at first sight. These ads kinda different than other ads that has Princess as the theme. First they choose Camilla Belle, who is not blonde, white-pale skin with big blue eyes. Vera Wang gives other type of princess. Second, the photos was not in some big white castle and white horses. And that's so refreshing, though i do love castle and white horse but sometimes it's kinda boring and stiff. The ads so natural, soft and fun.
I do love the ads, and the perfume also..
these ads also make me remember of the Cottingley fairies that i've post few months ago. Ah.. DO LOVE FAIRIES. 

Star meet Star at Oscar

i just love these photos somehow. just thrilled when see few of my great-favorite actress met each other, curious what they talked about.. And what a moment. They met at Oscar. Such a perfect timing! Just just love it!