03 November 2010

i am an illusionist.

greeting from a very sad and miserable girl, who is me! i am back, just jumping on the front of laptop and force my self to post something, not that posting was unpleasant thing, but i have million things to do for my school. that's kinda sucks, right? this is also sucks because i have million things to tell you all.. i have the long list but i don't think i will be able to post all those until the end of the year. :'(
NOVEMBER is here just one month away from the most cheerful month DECEMBER. but let's celebrate November first.. while we can..
Ah, have i told you that i had a tumblr? nope? This tumblr is like my online gallert, if my laptop already overcapacity i post it in my tumblr. so this past few days i found many illustration with sweet sweet line, so here are some. enjoy it. (sorry for my bad english, barely thinking when writing it)
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26 September 2010

Wake me up when September ends

Been a long time. What's the most precious thing in this world? Cannot answer! Beautiful things i guess, whatever makes me happy i guess, whatever good i guess. All i can say is that all i can do is guessing.. 

is it just me but i love British boys!

08 September 2010

September Rain

Holiday starts today! so here is the list things to do for my one week holiday:
1. watching all great movies all day long
2. making apple pie and cupcakes
3. hunting old romantic comedy and ballet movies in the store
4. blogging and tumblr-ing all day long
5. looking for a good pleating skirt
6. last but not the least, making my assignments. huh!
i hope there's enough time to do all these things. :-)
By the way, in the last few days this couple took my whole attention. I love them individually but i more even love it when they were together. I kept wondering why on earth they broke up in 2006? They are young, cute and perfect for each other. What else do they need? But i guess relationship took more than those things...
Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal
my favorite photo. cute pair.
They are so cool and casual when hang out together. Never too much, not the power couple like other celebrity but.. more loveable couple. I love how they like to spend their day had lunch under the sun and enjoying good food and wine and shared love and kiss. Until the wedding bell rings for one of them, i will keep praying that they will be back together. Who's with me? xoxo

05 September 2010

Hello September, Billly Elliot, Flight of fancy

Welcoming September! My first post in September. Lovely! My birthday is coming soon! YAY!
Lately these are two things that really catch my eyes and catch my heart.. 
British film and Ballet. Honest!
I am very into British film lately, the accent made me keep watching the film although some film boring to death. But the accent, like honey in my ear. 
Second, i am very into Ballet lately. Maybe this is because of The Black Swan film, i am beyond excited to watch the movie. But since the film is not released yet, so i need something else to vent my impatience. so i decided to watch other old ballet film.. and my first choice fell to Billy Elliot. And the film totally satisfy. 
I can get the British accent and also The ballet part, not only that but the story also beautiful and touchy.. 
I will not talk about the film (save it for later) but here i got these beautiful editorial from Vogue September 2008.. and the editorial still related to Billy Elliot film, called Flights of fancy, features Caroline Tretini and the boys from Broadway version of Billy Elliot.
Lovely photos, i love the feathers, the crown, the smoke and Caroline jumping swirling around the editorial oh also the cute little boy with their ballet shoes. Beautiful!

28 August 2010

Black Swan

Who's excited for Black Swan? i am! first time i heard about the movie i'm excited because i always waiting for another great film about ballet but then i heard Natalie Portman will be the star for the film as for that i'm beyond excited. The film is more dark than i thought but it looks real promising. And my friend who was join a ballet class also told me about a myths about the black swan, that in the ballet show when a girl picked to be a black swan some people believe that the girl can be very mean like the Odette in the real life. Believe it or not. So after heard the story i got very chilled and cannot wait to see the film.
I only like few of Natalie Portman movie but i adore her since forever. So here's the first poster and some official photos for Darren Aronofsky’s new film Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassel.

and here are some photos when the cast on the set in New York City
Sebastian Stan also play a part in this movie. Beyond beyond excited

Wynona Ryder also been said play a part in this film but maybe she haven't filming it yet. Let's hope we can see a little from her.
Since i haven't been able to post video so here i'm gonna give you the link for the trailers.
Black Swan - official trailer