05 September 2010

Hello September, Billly Elliot, Flight of fancy

Welcoming September! My first post in September. Lovely! My birthday is coming soon! YAY!
Lately these are two things that really catch my eyes and catch my heart.. 
British film and Ballet. Honest!
I am very into British film lately, the accent made me keep watching the film although some film boring to death. But the accent, like honey in my ear. 
Second, i am very into Ballet lately. Maybe this is because of The Black Swan film, i am beyond excited to watch the movie. But since the film is not released yet, so i need something else to vent my impatience. so i decided to watch other old ballet film.. and my first choice fell to Billy Elliot. And the film totally satisfy. 
I can get the British accent and also The ballet part, not only that but the story also beautiful and touchy.. 
I will not talk about the film (save it for later) but here i got these beautiful editorial from Vogue September 2008.. and the editorial still related to Billy Elliot film, called Flights of fancy, features Caroline Tretini and the boys from Broadway version of Billy Elliot.
Lovely photos, i love the feathers, the crown, the smoke and Caroline jumping swirling around the editorial oh also the cute little boy with their ballet shoes. Beautiful!

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  1. I ADORE anything ballet-related! so your bosts are most welcome :) Billy Elliot is a wonderful movie, I really enjoy the change of attitude of the dad and his best friend :P