08 September 2010

September Rain

Holiday starts today! so here is the list things to do for my one week holiday:
1. watching all great movies all day long
2. making apple pie and cupcakes
3. hunting old romantic comedy and ballet movies in the store
4. blogging and tumblr-ing all day long
5. looking for a good pleating skirt
6. last but not the least, making my assignments. huh!
i hope there's enough time to do all these things. :-)
By the way, in the last few days this couple took my whole attention. I love them individually but i more even love it when they were together. I kept wondering why on earth they broke up in 2006? They are young, cute and perfect for each other. What else do they need? But i guess relationship took more than those things...
Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal
my favorite photo. cute pair.
They are so cool and casual when hang out together. Never too much, not the power couple like other celebrity but.. more loveable couple. I love how they like to spend their day had lunch under the sun and enjoying good food and wine and shared love and kiss. Until the wedding bell rings for one of them, i will keep praying that they will be back together. Who's with me? xoxo

1 comment:

  1. Oh I know! The cutest couple. They may still get back together.
    Maybe. One day.
    Like Johnny Depp and Kate Moss they seemed destined to be together but alas things changed
    Kat x