24 November 2009

let's draw DIOR


  1. Now those are beautiful images!
    Ill take them as a bd present because today is my bd!
    how fun

  2. That's so pretty! love this kind of drawing...
    PS: I´ve posted something you might like! two words: audrey hepburn

  3. Dear girl: It´s been a long while since you posted this! I really enjoy your blog, so here´s the advice that you asked to keep your blog going:
    a) Always have a great list of things you would like to post about, I keep mine on an hotmail draft so I can have acces to it from anywhere.
    b) Consult many places to get your pictures: I am always sure that in polyvore, tumblr, flickr and comunity livejournal I will always find the lovely ones!
    c)Whenever you got time, search for pictures on said places, consult the list you keep, If you like something, consult the credits, it´s 90% sure that there will be more nice things from where it came from!

    and, well... that's about it!

  4. I love your blog so so so much <3

  5. I wish I could have those pics, as posters on my wall! Amazing!