29 October 2009

Vera Wang Princess

my favorite.. The Pirate Princess

BORN TO RULE.Camilla Belle as the face of Vera Wang Princess Perfume. i've seen these ads few years ago super like it at first sight. These ads kinda different than other ads that has Princess as the theme. First they choose Camilla Belle, who is not blonde, white-pale skin with big blue eyes. Vera Wang gives other type of princess. Second, the photos was not in some big white castle and white horses. And that's so refreshing, though i do love castle and white horse but sometimes it's kinda boring and stiff. The ads so natural, soft and fun.
I do love the ads, and the perfume also..
these ads also make me remember of the Cottingley fairies that i've post few months ago. Ah.. DO LOVE FAIRIES. 


  1. Wow! I really love the pictures you post on your blog! Never stop, keep posting! ;)