13 October 2009

the It Girl : Plum Sykes

Victoria "Plum" Sykes is British-born fashion writer, novelist and New York Socialite. "Plum" was a childhood nickname but and now days she mostly known because of The "Plum".

Plum was educated in Oxford then in 1993 she became assistant fashion at British Vogue. Until in 1997 she became contributing editor on fashion at American Vogue. and she being frequently called as "it girl".

Then in 2004 she launched her first book : Belgdorf Blondes. And being a smash hit and example for chic lit at that year. Then she launched her second book: The Debuntee Divorcee.

This photo appeared in Belgdorf Blondes. And love it at first sight. 

She is known also as New York Socialite..

Red Carpet Style

Her last features in Vogue.

"anything that can cheer you up is incredibly valuable, and there's nothing like pink to do that."


  1. oh! I also saw that article on this months Vogue and it does look like you ;)
    I love her also :)

  2. wow. thanku. does she really look like me? i haven't post any of my photos in my blog. but i'm very happy that you think she looks like me. YAY! BIG THANKS and LOVE. :)