22 October 2009

movie : ElizabethTown

welcome to Elizabethtown
i've watched this movie before. at first not one of my favorite movie at all. i think it regretable. but then i watched again for the second time and LOVE IT! i think love at first sight don't appeal to me.. :D

my new favorite couple. Kristen Dunst and Orlando Blom. i wish that they were couple for real. they perfect for each other. i become obsessed with them.. :D

Kristen Dunst plays as Claire Colburn. a flight attendant. she's funny, quirky and very open-minded.

Red hat is her signature. i love how she wear it.

beautiful black dress with white line on it. simply love it.
i love Kristen's outfit in this movie. simple and so kristen..

catch the moment and save it in your mind..

unstopable call.. 

and here.... Orlando bloom as Drew Baylor. Drew Baylor is failed shoe designer, he was in his darkest moment in his life and in the same time his father die.. and he has to come to Elizabeth town to take his father's body.. but surprisingly his trip turn his life become better..

his family. Susan Brandon plays as his mother..

and the journey Begin.. Claire gives Drew a map, with instructions and CDs, guiding him "home", with notes along the way to visit certain places. At each place he visits, he spreads some of his father's ashes. During the trip, Drew comes to terms with his father and begins to talk to him stating that they should have taken this trip together years ago. Finally, the directions come to a point where he is given two choices - to continue home or to finish the journey Claire laid out for him. Drew chooses to continue the journey....

And finally the last page of the map He is instructed to go to the "Second Largest Farmer's Market in The World" and locates a note telling him to "look for the girl with a red hat". After looking desperately for a few minutes, he finds Claire and kisses her.

my favorite moment somehow. they looked crazy and having fun.. :D

also find these lovely photos.. :D

remember this photo? This is from ELizabeth Town.


  1. Yes I swa this movie once its lovely and lovable and super cute and awsome
    I know why you love it!

  2. I truly adore this movie!
    one of my favorites ever!