03 October 2009


October has come. A year pass like wind... the 10th month.. then without realized Christmas only 2 months away.
 sometimes life is hard but when we passed day by day we realize that what ever happened in life, life is beautiful..

i'm really in the mood to post my activities today. because somehow today is just a lovely day. 

in the morning i spent my day to prepare my cousin's birthday party.. i'm in charge to decorate the house. YAY! i blew 25 balloons all by my self, then make barrier that written "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!".

Then there's a beautiful rain. even the sky looks gloomy but it is also adorable in the same time..

Then to make it perfect i'm listening french songs by Pink Martini and Brigitte Bardot. And everything just wonderful.. Right now My cousin's birthday party getting started.. so i gotta go! hope i will end this day nicely. Have a great OCTOBER everybody!!! 

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