14 August 2010

father of the bride: part I

Another master piece from Nancy Meyer. For me, she's like the fairy god mother that bring happiness to me by all of her movie. I've been meant to post something about her but i'm gonna saved it for later. :-)
Father of The Bride is 1991 romantic comedy movie starring Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and Kimberly Williams-Paisley. This is the type of movie that can make me smile from the very beginning to end of the movie. I love everything about this movie.

The cast

Steve Martin - as the fierce father but in the same time also very childish. He doesn't want to lose his only daughter that about to get married

Diane Keaton - as the very wise mother. I kinda like her style in this film. straight hair, silk shirt with sweater and pearls. Slim skirt with turtle neck. And everything just in pastel colors. Elegant style in 90s. 

Kimberly Williams-Paisley. I didn't know her before i watch the movie, but after i saw her, i simple love her. I could understand completely why his father couldn't let her go to get married. Big bright eyes and big adorable smile, curly hair and cute voice. She's totally perfect for the role.
Kierran Culkin - as the young brother of Annie. 
George Newbern - Annie's fiance. Son from high-class family. Nice guy, good attitude and bright future. 
The House or The Set
The holiday, It's complicated, The Parent trap, Something you've gotta give.. What the similarity of all these movie? 2 words. Nancy Meyer and BEAUTIFUL HOUSE.
Nancy Meyer always give inspiration to decor my house and my room. She definitely has a great taste on decorating. 
The Soundtrack:
1. My Girl - Steve Tyrell
2.Chapel of love - The Dixie cups
3. Volare 
4. Perfect Match - Steve Tyrell
5. The boy i'm gonna marry - Darlene love
6. The way you look tonight - Steve Tyrell
7. I'm into something good - Herman's hermit

 And The Wedding:
I must say the wedding is so beautiful.. Held in their own house with big white tent in the back of the house, beautiful flowers and they even have swans swirling over the house..
Oh, and they are also my favorite cast in this movie. The wedding genius. Franck Eggelhoffer and Howard Weistern as the Wedding Organizer. They make the beautiful bride's dream comes true.

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