15 August 2010

simple day

i am having hard time these past few days. i am so sick of my self, my family, my house just everything.. And today is not getting better at all. But here i am tried to sweeten my day.. i haven't taken a bath until this moment, i am lazying around the house like a slob cat. But maybe with little style.. like..
1. listening to all the track of Rod Stewart's soulbook album.

2. Enjoying the rain a little bit. It crossed my mind to have my little girl moment, play in the rain

3. Googling Karlie Kloss another my model of the moment crush. 
i think she has the ageless beauty. She's always looks young and fresh. 

I love her since the first time i saw her in Teen Vogue. Her face is so suitable for Teen Vogue editorials
Little Manahattan
As the cover of Teen vogue
Her style is not so bad either..
She does love her Fendi bag so much!!!

 I love the combination Karlie Kloss and Frida Gustavsson

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