14 August 2010

A little bit of me

For starter to keep me motivate to do some blogging and also sweeten my and your days, i changed my header. Took extra time and energy to make the header since i am not super at graphic design, adobe and stuff.. i am more hand-writing and patch-work person.. but in the end i hope my new header is good enough. :-) 
So this is my header:
 i think my new header is much reflect me than my previous header. That's why i called 'a little bit of me'. there are some component in my new header..
1. Audrey Hepburn, who is like my long-time role model. i never get enough of Audrey Hepburn. She's a master piece, she's a true beauty, she's awesome. what else could i say? She' perfect!
2. Eiffel tower - Paris- French. Oh a piece of heaven that drop in the earth. Lovely place. The place where i want to spend my entire life with my soulmate, the one.
3. Pink lipstick. I kinda obsessed with pink lipstick lately. Every time i used pink lipstick, it lighten up my mood and i felt one of the pretty women. :-)
4. Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice. hm, what can i say? Sometimes i wish my life would have the same stories as Elizabeth Bennet, with big hope that someday i will find my own Mr. Darcy.
5. The girl. Fashion.. fashion.. fashion.. that's all! fashion around me..
6.Flowery Headphone. Music is part of my life. Music lighten up my mood, music make me happy. Every time i used my headphone and listening to my favorite songs then i felt like the world is mine. Nothing can disturbed me. I'm in my safest place.
7. Flowers. Is there any women who does not like flowers? Tell me!

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