18 September 2009

start from books.

few days ago i went to a bookstore. i was planning to buy a cheesy romantic novel.. maybe from Meg Cabot or Sophia Kinsella. but these two book totally got my attention. Even in the end i bought Sophia Kinsella book Twenties Girl, but i surely will buy these two books later.

Vintage Paris Couture. This book is some kind Guide book to shopping in Paris. This book give you lots information about great vintage clothes shop in Paris.

" accessories : they are so important to well-dressed women."
the first line when i open this book really catch my attention, and make me want to know more. This book is (as you can see the title) THE DICTIONARY OF FASHION by Christian Dior. In here Dior gives you lots of tips about how to dress well. for example where you should put your brooches, how to dress simple. and more. i must have this book! :)

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