06 September 2009

busy busy busy day.

hello everybody. it's monday already. yay! like i said before. monday is my favorite day of the week. because monday i have no class so it's the time for some refreshment. :D oh God i do really need holiday. i've been busy with my paper and homework. so there's no time for me to post anything. sorry.. i have few things in my mind that i want to share with you all, but i have no time for do that. busy busy busy. argh! but i will do it later. promise! :p
lately i think that i lack friends. i miss my friends, they're pretty busy them self with their school, so it's been long time since i hang out with them. i do miss them. i wanna feel the fun!!
oh God i need something to cheer me up! and i also think that i need to make new friends. i think i make a line with friends in college. i think i should be more open-minded. hope i will make more friends.

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