13 September 2009

sunday for everybody.

happy sunday everybody. hope all of you have a pleasant sunday. 
i'm sorry i haven't post anything new lately. i have lots homework to do. everyday i use my laptop, but don't have enough time for do posting. bad hah? yes!
well i haven't tell you but i am a college student and choose fashion business as my major. i hope i will graduate soon. wish me luck.
right now i'm doing brand and store idea for planning and buying class. i am so excited. lots of ideas come across my mind, that i want to share you. but i will do it later. still lots to do.
oh i gotta do my project again. see you soon everybody. xo


  1. You have a darling blog....very creative!
    Good luck in school.

  2. Hey there!!!
    You left a comment in my Eloise at the Plaza post and you asked me where you could watch this movie, well its from 2001 and its a disney original movie, but of you dont mind you can watch it in you tube *hq!]
    dont say my blog is cuter and more adorale than mine every blog is cute and adorable in its way and I swear I love your blog as every single one of your gadgets images!

  3. btw, I just checked outyour last adrey hepburn post
    great images! I haven´t seen monst of them which is very rare because I googleAudrey Hepburn in my free time (not literally but almost)
    anyway great blog Im adding you to my blogroll