29 August 2009


she has become one of the fashion icon in the fashion industry, even she just a character in movie.. but well, she definitely got the style! 

This is Her trademark. wearing tutu with pink top. no one can wear tutu better than Her! even a ballerina! ;D

she's not supposed to read Vogue, she supposed to make her own Vogue!
even wear pajamas can be that stylish!
i like Her outfit. Pink dress..  i become obsessed with pink dress. i will buy one pink dress immediately!
and the wedding gown! oh. she's so lucky. in the movie she could wear 7 wedding dresses (even not for the wedding but still.. 7 perfect wedding dresses from the 7 top designer : Vera Wang, Dior, Carolina Herrera, Christian Lacroix, Lanvin, Oscar de La renta, Vivienne Westwood !!!!)


  1. great post!
    patricia field made a great job
    over-the-top stylish