30 August 2009

cottingley fairies

happy sunday everybody. today i wanna post about fairies. you know i love everything about fairies. the story, the tiny little creatures, all the name.. everything..  and when i opened one of my favorite blog, it tell a true fairy tale.. about THE COTTINGLEY FAIRIES. and then couldn't help my self googled the story, and amazed by it. This is the story :

In 1920 a series of photos of fairies captured the attention of the world. The photos had been taken by two young girls, the cousins Frances Griffith and Elsie Wright, while playing in the garden of Elsie's Cottingley village home. Photographic experts examined the pictures and declared them genuine. Spiritualists promoted them as proof of the existence of supernatural creatures, and despite criticism by skeptics, the pictures became among the most widely recognized photos in the world. It was only decades later, in the late 1970s, that the photos were definitively debunked.
these is the photos..

well even later on the picture was debunked but still don't you amazed by the story? i adore the two little girl, they totally got the imagination of fairy.  i wish that the photos were genuine!!!
Then i remember that i watched a movie when i was a child about fairies, i just know until now, that was the best fairy movie i have watched. i googled more and found that the film i watched is about the Cottingley Fairies. I think all of you should watch the movie. that's so good!

They make the fairies a House. very cutee.. 

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