16 August 2009

miss dior Cherie

this is one of my favorite commercial from miss Dior Cherie. The commercial was directed by Sofia Coppola and the ads photographed by Tim Walker. The girl is so adorable, the pink dress is cute, Paris is definitely beautiful.. just loved it!

the model is Maryna Linchuk. She is Belarusian model.

the sunglasses is super cute. i want one!

look at the pink coat match with the cute purple hat.

the director : Sofia Coppola


  1. I want a pair of Miss Dior Cherie sunglasses too!
    this is my obsession... ;)

  2. YES YES! totally understand your feeling.. that is very cute.

  3. do you know where I can find the pink dress or pink coat from the Miss Dior commercial?

  4. I know the feeling! That commercial is embodiment of my dream life:) And I´m looking for the sunglasses too - do you have any idea where can i find them?
    Btw - I love your blog soo much - looks like you are my soulmate:) I´m going to read rest of your articles.

  5. I have a pair of miss dior cherie sunglasses for sale on ebay. Only £99 just search miss dior cherie sunglasses and you should find them x