20 August 2009

felicity wishes

do you like fairy? do you like listening to fairy tale? do you like making wishes? ... felicity wishes gives you all... the paint is enchanting, and in the book you can found the cutest, most romantic way to make your wishes..
"if you see a butterfly on a summer's day, make a wish as it flutters by."
"sit amongst the flowers and the trees, and make a beautiful wish"
"cross your fingers and toes for good luck and then make a wish"
"fairy cakes, chocolate brownies and apple turnovers- wish for lots of yummy things!"
"make a big wish for the world"
"spread a little sparkle and make wishes for all of your friends"
"when you see a bird, stand on your tiptoes... and make a wish!"
check out its website : http://www.felicitywishes.net/content.html
there's more magical fairy word, stuff in there..

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